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About Us

Isabella is a digital and mobile technology innovator, developing a portfolio of consumer and institutional products and engaging experiences that enhance and enrich everyday life.

We transform how people learn, play, and live. From proprietary devices and closed ecosystem platforms to high-value content and personalized digital tools for creating, collaborating, and sharing, the company pursues global opportunities in a variety of market sectors, most recently focusing on edtech and digital learning products and services for global learning. in the U.S.and abroad.

Our flagship brand, Fable, leverages technology to encourage and strengthen learning and creativity in young children. Families and educators are enabled with high quality and multi-faceted capabilities to digitally inspire, actively engage, and seamlessly adapt to the varied skills, interests, and learning styles of children in grades PreK-8.

Dedicated to the education market, Fable Learning is setting new standards in edtech software and the creation and distribution of exclusive, best-in-class digital content that aligns with education standards. Delivered on an award-winning platform and easily accessible using any device at any time, Fable Learning enables educators in schools and public libraries to differentiate and enhance learning with trusted, high-interest content, hardware and software tools for reading, writing, and collaboration, and resources to support teaching in the classroom.

Serving the consumer market, Fable Kids, and its VizitMe marketplace, offers children and their families a safe, interactive learning experience. A premier collection of books, games, and videos curated from some of the best publishers and media brands from around the world is delivered on a proprietary, browser-free tablet. Children have the freedom to explore, learn, create, and share in their own private network without fear of accidental access to inappropriate material on the Internet.

Looking toward addressing the global challenges of 21st Century learning, particularly in early childhood, Isabella is dedicated to identifying, developing, and bringing to market innovative solutions that authentically engage active learning in school and at home.

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