About Us

Isabella Products, Inc. is a leading consumer device and services company developing a family of connected wireless products that enrich and entertain your everyday life.

Its initial product, the Vizit®, a two-way wireless digital photo frame, enabled consumers to interact with billions of unshared images found within camera phones, PCs, and the Internet by combining a state-of-the-art touch-screen display with wireless network capabilities. With Vizit, family and friends could send or text photos directly to the Vizit frame, allowing loved ones to instantly share cherished memories. 

The newest device, Fable®, is a 7” browser-free tablet built on an Android operating system designed exclusively for children ages 3-10. Fable promises to be the world’s first affordable tablet that combines the freedom to learn and play with the security of private sharing. Connected to VizitMe, a proprietary cloud-based marketplace for children’s content, parents and educators manage a unique and interactive learning experience and create an early foundation for safe social behavior and responsible digital citizenship. Each Fable tablet can be tailored to a child’s unique interests and abilities, and enjoyed at home, in school or on the go.

VizitMe® offers a diverse, handpicked selection of reviewed and approved content exclusively for children. Curated from partnerships with world-renowned publishers, popular authors, app developers and media brands, VizitMe® provides the purchase of English and Spanish language books, videos, and games designed to nurture a child’s growing and changing interests. Teachers have the opportunity to support curriculum enrichment around themes and lesson plans and include custom content like worksheets to deeply engage children in a collaborative learning experience using Fable.