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About Us

Isabella Products, Inc. is a leading consumer device and services company, developing a family of wireless products and services that enhance and enrich everyday life.

Our initial product, Vizit®, a two-way wireless digital photo frame, enabled loved ones to instantly share cherished moments. Combining a state-of-the-art touch-screen display with wireless network capabilities, the Vizit frame allowed friends and family to directly send and receive photos.

In 2015, the company launched Fable®, a 7” browser-free tablet designed exclusively for children ages 3-10. Isabella developed the Android-based Fable with insights and feedback from parents, teachers, and young children in conjunction with its elementary school and community non-profit pilot programs. The tablet's unique interface allows children the freedom to explore, learn, play, create, and safely share within their own private network that's fully-managed by an adult. Because there is no browser, there is no fear of accidental access to inapprorpiate material and all content is safe, free of any in-app purchasing or advertising.

Fable can be tailored to a child's growing and ever-changing interests. Connected to VizitMe, the proprietary cloud-based marketplace for children's content, parents and educators manage the interactive learning experience and create an early foundation for safe social behavior and responsible digital citizenship. VizitMe offers a premier collection of books, games, apps, and projects curated from some of the best publishers, popular authors, app developers and media brands around the world.

At the close of 2015, Isabella acquired StarWalk Kids Media to further its mission to provide best-in-class children's digital content and empower educators with highest quality of instructional support to augment student learning in PreK-8.

StarWalk is a leading digital learning company, setting new standards in EdTech software and the creation and delivery of best-in-class, professionally narrated children's eBooks in the U.S. and abroad. Their content delivery platform and award-winning StarWalk Reader™, available as a streaming subscription service as well as iOS and Android apps, offer schools and libraries access to an exclusive collection of preK-8 eBooks. 

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